About All That She Loves

Beautiful fashion, for beautiful people, made with respect for a team that loves their work.  It’s all about love and it’s all that she loves!

All That She Loves was born in December 2016 in the Costa Brava, with pure Mediterranean air. It arises from the philosophy of slow fashion and evolves through an eclectic mix between its roots and its destiny.

At the front of All That She Loves is Clara Esteve, a fashion designer specialized in swimsuits and intimates. Formed at Idep Barcelona, she began in the world of fashion from a very young age, in the Barcelona-based company TCN. With a professional career of 16 years within the firm, in 2015 she began her personal project. At the heart of Costa Brava she creates Clara Esteve Studio, her design studio for swimsuits and intimates, where she creates collections for different brands and external designers. In 2016, she launched her first own brand from the studio: All That She Loves.

The quality of the raw materials, the use of the latest technology, the love for the surrounding environment that inspires the designs and the people who are part of the elaboration of each piece culminates in garments that are handcrafted, woven, linked and dyed in local workshops in Girona, Barcelona and El Maresme. The final creations inevitably remind you of waves and corners of the north of the Costa Brava. Basic, natural, but extremely unique and special, All That She Loves understands simplicity as the ultimate sophistication.

Since its creation, the brand has set very clear objectives: to create simple, sophisticated garments without losing authenticity, inspired by the coves and towns of the Costa Brava and designed for a modern, free and empowered woman, following an ethical and sustainable creative creation process.

Our values

Authentic women, who value the good and the new without renouncing naturalness. Women who love what is real.

All That She Loves understands fashion as a process of creation based on respect where each hand that participates in it puts their whole heart, because they all love what they do. It is a responsible brand that is committed to the philosophy made in local, both in the purchase of fabrics and in all the processes and phases of the development of collections in workshops from Girona, El Maresme and Barcelona.

All That She Loves has a commitment to ethical, responsible and quality work, which is reflected in comfortable and unique pieces that adapt to the body of a confident, trendy and demanding woman. The local production of our garments allows us to take more control over the entire creation process, making All That She Loves a brand as ethical as possible. And by supporting our collections, consumers become part of the slow fashion chain, also supporting local economy and reducing the environmental impact of fashion.

These garments emerge from the ideas of a woman and go through the hands of many others, for women like you. Women who are brave, whether they know it or not. Confident women who may not know where they are going, but who know who they are, what is their worth and where they come from.

Our Sustainability Certificates